Our team

Chanelle Allen,

Founder & CEO


I'm Chanelle, a food-obsessed fitness fanatic who is passionate about making the world a better place. My expertise is within a digital marketing strategy, content creation, and execution but I can be relied on for any support that lets your business connect with audiences in a meaningful and memorable way. 


After graduating from the University of Bristol, I worked as an Account Manager for SALT Communications, a boutique full-service Food, Beverage & Hospitality Marketing Agency. I absolutely loved this role & relished the opportunity to work with clients including Urban Village Pubs, Mighty Fine, The Adam Handling Group & Pure.


My passion for helping brands to grow and realise their vision through meaningful communications, whilst delivering a commercial return, lead me to set up CHI Communications.

Francesca Pearson,

Account Manager

I absolutely love working with challenger brands and helping them to succeed, within the food and beverage industry. I develop and build brand relationships with industry leaders, executing aligned partnerships with like-minded brands and influencers. Here at CHI Communications, we are building long-term strategies to help our clients achieve their goals and working together with our partners to build up a strong and engaged social community.


Lucy Tomlinson,

Marketing Assistant

I am a food lover with a strong passion to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle. After graduating from Oxford Brookes University, I used my Business and Management degree to combine my desire for creating delicious and nutritious recipes into building my small catering business, Lucys Lunches. 


My love for the food and beverage industry first began through taking up Home Economics at A-level. I have a keen interest in nutrition, which I love to communicate at work and on a personal level through my social media accounts. With the health and wellness sector seeing continuous growth year on year, I am delighted to highlight the nutritional value of our client's products through copywriting, infographics and partnerships with experts in the field.

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